Hauert Fertilizer for berries and fruits 1kg
  • Hauert Fertilizer for berries and fruits 1kg

Hauert Fertilizer for berries and fruits 1kg

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Hauert Berries and Fruit is a high quality granulated organo-mineral fertilizer. It optimally covers the nutrient requirements of pome and stone fruits, all berries and grapes. Thanks to its physiologically acidic reaction, it can also be used for all other crops.

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Fertilize during the growing season from March to July. If using compost or manure, reduce the recommended amount of fertilizer by half. Compost and manure are not only sources of humus, they are also rich in phosphorus. That's why you shouldn't give more than 2 to 4 l of compost or 1.5 l of manure per m² per year.

    Strawberries: 3 weeks after planting, spread and incorporate 40 g / m². In spring (March/April), spread 70 g / m².
    Raspberries: In March/April, spread and incorporate 50 - 60 g per running meter on both sides of the rows.
    Currants, gooseberries, blackberries: In March/April, spread 100 g / m² around the plants and incorporate.
    Pome fruits and stone fruits: After the thawing of the soil (February/March), spread and incorporate 60 - 80 g / m² on the base area covered by the tree or the trellis.
    Grapevine: Between bud break and the beginning of flowering (April / May), spread and incorporate 50 - 70 g / m².
    Vegetables, flowers, shrubs, conifers in lime-rich soils: spread and incorporate 60 - 80 g / m².

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