LAGUIOLE en AUBRAC Couteau pliable collection CONCORDE
  • LAGUIOLE en AUBRAC Couteau pliable collection CONCORDE

LAGUIOLE en AUBRAC Couteau pliable collection CONCORDE

VAT included

Knife Laguiole CONCORDE



A superb knife with a modern design, born from the French tradition
Made from parts of the Concorde
High quality steel blade and ergonomic handle for a good grip
Modern and design, this folding knife is issued from the traditional Laguiole know-how. This limited edition pays tribute to the Concorde, and is made from parts of the famous supersonic plane. This knife features a high quality steel blade and an ergonomically shaped white Corian handle for an excellent grip. This special edition features holes in the blade to show the windows of the plane.

This exceptional limited edition comes with a map of the aircraft showing the location of the original piece.

It was in the 19th century that the Laguiole knife, in Aubrac, began to make a name for itself. Sometimes a punch in the shape of a bee, a cross or even a four-leaf clover was added between the blade and the handle. In 1880, the corkscrew appears on the knife and accompanies the limonadiers of Rouergue who arrived in Paris. If Laguiole is renowned for its perfect finish and its luxurious models made from rare raw materials, it is essential to check the origin of the knife and to make sure that you have in your hand a real Laguiole, a guarantee of quality and a reference for the enthusiasts.

Steel blade.
White corian handle.
L. closed : 12 cm.